Thoroughly Thursday - The "Stay Safe Out There" Edition

Welcome back to Thoroughly Thursday, the "Stay Safe Out There" Edition. It's been crazy out there weather-wise recently. Here on the West Coast, we had the largest fire in the history of Los Angeles this weekend, fires outside Seattle are dumping ash everywhere, and frankly, Montana has been burning since July and fires could possibly last until October. Additionally, even though the recovery from Harvey could take months (or longer), now Irma looks like it could be potentially worse. I'm feeling like it might be a good time to stock up on supplies of bottled water and raisins and other essentials. Stay safe, everyone. 

Thoroughly Thursday - The "Adding My Last Name" Edition

Welcome to Thoroughly Thursday - the "Adding My Last Name" edition.

Welcome back to Thoroughly Thursday. Last week, I got a couple messages from friends stating that they didn't recognize the email initially since I didn't put my last name, and just signed off as "Scott". In retrospect, that was pretty self-centered, since I'm sure there are at least two (maybe three) other "Scotts" in the world (and perhaps a country). Sorry.