Prepare your People to be Successful at Learning

DTG believes that successful learning programs require more than just a great course. With conflicting priorities and limited time, we need to make sure learners can start the learning process before they arrive on the first day of training.

By creating a series of easy and fun information bursts in the days and weeks prior to the formal learning program, we presents students with terminology, paradigms and ideas which will help them understand the course better. We both familiarize them with the concepts and also give reference to some of the additional items that they will learn during the course. 

Learning is often a process of re-introduction and repetition. By using the principles of educational marketing with our clients, we work to provide multiple scenarios where information can be presented and incorporated into the students work-life. 

Our educational marketing campaigns use every possible marketing channel including social media, promotional videos,  posters, infographics, quizzes, viral games, manager briefings and much more.