Episode 9 - The Wisdom of Caballo Blanco and Gary Discovers that Words Matter.

This week, hosts Scott Moe and Gary Rolin get together to discuss Scott's recent article "Easy, Light, Smooth, and Fast - the Wisdom of Caballo Blanco" (which can be found at digitaltrainingla.com/blog/). Scott had recently read a book called "Born to Run" by Christopher McDougall and was struck by a scene with one of the protagonists Caballo Blanco and his simple instructions for running and thought how that might relate to skill development. Additionally, we introduced a new "Tip of the Week" about thoughts on the term "Human Capital".

NOTE: there was a dog on the street that kept barking throughout this episode. Efforts to gently chase it down and wring its neck failed. We're assuming it was just excited to be part of the recording and couldn't hold in its enthusiasm. Apologies if it lessens your enjoyment of this episode.