Losing disengaged staff can cost companies millions each year... 

In a recent study, it was determined that almost a third of employees are considering changing roles this year, with nearly 60% citing a lack of new opportunities and almost 30% specifying a lack of training.

9 out of 10 of Learning & Development leaders want to improve talent and performance management in their business, but don’t know how to achieve this.

Additionally, a lack of management training resources for senior roles leaves 65% of executives regretting accepting a promotion to a management position, resulting in many leaving shortly afterwards.

DTG is highly experienced in building talent development programs that capture the imagination of your best and brightest employees, ensuring they feel valued and providing them with the tools to deliver results.

Learn from our Expert

Julie Winkle Giulioni has spent the past 25 years improving performance through learning. She’s partnered with hundreds of organizations to develop and deploy innovative training products that are in use worldwide. Julie is well known and well regarded for her creative, one-of-a-kind solutions that consistently deliver bottom-line results.


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