Make Sure You Understand Before You Improve

A few weeks ago, I had a conversation with my business coach. The following is a (somewhat) shortened version of our conversation. 

"Hi Scott. How are you?"

"Terrible! I'm behind on all my projects. I'm way behind my outreach quota because I'm re-configuring my CRM, which now seems like a big mistake. I have a proposal that is supposed to go out. I have this idea how all this should work so that I can be efficient, but I never seem to get there. It's really frustrating. " 

"Is the work frustrating?"

"No. The work is good, but trying to hit my numbers and be efficient in my process is frustrating."

"Why don't you just stop trying to be efficient. Just focus on the work."


"Your drive to improve is is a natural part of your makeup and will continue to happen. So, don't be frustrated by how long things take. If you do your work well and stay mindful of your process, the efficiency will take care of itself."

"But, everything takes so long."

"That's okay. You can only get faster when you get good at doing it slowly. Make sure you really understand what you're trying to accomplish before you try to optimize it. Otherwise, you'll have to keep starting over again."

"So, reconfiguring my CRM?"

"Why don't you work on that after you get your outreach quota in this week. Or, are you just looking for another reason not to make calls?"


"Yeah, that's what I thought. Back to work."