Goal Setting 2016 - Mini-Goals versus Habits

I'm not sure if I'm the only one who things this way, but I've noticed that there are differences between Habits (something that is repeated habitually as an end to itself) versus a Mini-Goal (something that is repeated consistently as part of a different goal). 

An example: "exercising everyday" is a habit that I've established and want to keep. I know it since if I don't do it everyday, I get a sense that something is missing. If I'm really busy, it may not be conscious. But in the back of my mind, I have a nagging sense that I forgot to do something. Same goes for flossing, brushing my teeth, answering emails, feeding the pets. They are not necessarily tied to any larger goal. I'm not training for the "World Flossing Championships" (Is there such a thing?). Additionally, a habit can largely stay the same over time (I don't expect to have more teeth to brush over time). The habit is established as part of my routine, and largely, I can attend to it on automatic pilot. 

Alternately, "daily training for multiple triathlons" are mini-goals that are leading to a larger, more comprehensive effort. A mini-goal may look like a habit, but they have a larger initiative in which they must conform. My "daily training for multiple triathlons" mini-goals may piggy-back on my "exercise everyday" habit, but I can't just do the same exercises and run/swim/bike the same distances in May (when I have races coming up) as when I'm just getting into the season in January. 

The key element is that mini-goals require conscious effort to develop and maintain. Mini-goals, even those that happen every day, happen for specific reasons and need to be adjusted over time. 

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